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Berkshire Gardeners4u Garden services to keep your garden perfectly maintained – the UK’s most reliable name in garden services.

We are local professional gardeners based in Reading, Berkshire -With over 20 years in Landscape gardening and horticultural experience, we are here to help with all your gardening needs.  We take great pride in providing very high quality gardening work, at a reasonable price.  Berkshire garden specialists in artificial grass, tree surgery, lawn care.

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We know our business is all about our customers. What they value, their needs and preferences then making sure our services really deliver.

Example of one of our designs here

Astro Turf Installation


Compacted hardcore base


Secondary Sand Layer


Sand Layer Levelled


Astro turf layed

Underlay weed fabric-adhesive joined.


80sqM Astro Turf

Wooden borders with Bark

Luxury Turf

Garden turf-lifted. Levelled & compacted

Turf Laid & watered

Front garden turfed

Back garden turfed


This is not an exhaustive list so if there is something you need doing not listed here, please give us a call.  We currently offer the following services:

  • Tree Surgery
  • Astro Turf, synthetic & artificial grass experts
  • Pruning; reductions, thinning, crown lifting and crown cleaning
  • Tree Removal; straight fell or sectional dismantle
  • Stump removal; and/or treatment
  • Hedge cutting; from reducing in height, to an annual trim
  • Planting; source, supply and plant trees, shrubs and hedges
  • Mobile log splitting; we can split all your wood on site
  • Safety assessments; and written reports
  • Consultancy; planning applications, arboricultural method statements and surveys for planning conditions.
  • Lawn services

We offer Gardening services in Reading, Woodley, Twyford, Sonning, Wokingham, Hurst, Bracknell, Binfield, Caversham, Caversham Heights, Caversham Park, Coley, Coley Park, Emmer Green, Hurst, Katesgrove, Southcote, Whitley, Whitley Wood, Tilehurst & many more within the Berkshire area.

  •  Environmentally-friendly service
  •  Fully insured and reliable expert gardeners
  •  Price includes all equipment and tools needed
  •  Meeting your needs regardless of the weather
  •  Same day service available

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Berkshire garden specialists in artificial grass, tree surgery, lawn care.

We offer a full range or garden arboricultural Services:

Crown clean: This means removing dead, dying or diseased wood, stubs of broken branches, crossing/rubbing branches, unwanted epicormic shoots and climbing plants, e.g. Ivy.

Crown reduction and/or reshaping: Some trees can be reduced in height and/or spread while preserving a natural tree shape by crown reduction and/or reshaping. This should be carried out by pruning back to a suitable growth point, side bud or branch to retain a natural shaped crown. Please note that all reductions are in keeping with British Standards.

Crown thinning: Crown thinning involves the removal of a specified proportion of secondary and small, live branch growth from throughout the crown to produce an even density of foliage around a well-spaced and balanced branch structure.

Crown lifting: Crown lifting or raising means the removal of lower branches, to a given height above ground level.

Stump and root removal: The stump and main roots in close proximity to the stump may be removed by digging or using a stump grinder to a specified depth.

Hedge cutting and light pruning: We are more than happy to trim the smallest bush and have the equipment to trim the largest hedge. We know how important it is to have your garden looking smart. We also prune fruit trees, rose’s climbing plants and more by hand ensuring the correct pruning cuts are made.

Mobile log splitting service: With our custom made log splitter we can now not only just carry out your tree works …we can split all your wood on site too. Whether you are having a tree taken down and you would like the wood for logs or you have a pile of wood and just no time to split it, our splitter will do the job for you thus saving you time and a lot of money to keep you warm this winter. Please contact us for details.

Disposal of resulting waste: Branch debris will be processed into wood chip to be recycled. Wood may be stacked for habitat, left for firewood or removed from site to be recycled. Any waste that is contaminated with stone, glass, metal etc and are not safe to process through a wood chipper will be removed to a waste recycling depot. The site will be left safe, clean and tidy.

Berkshire garden specialists in artificial grass, tree surgery, lawn care.